National Assembly Services offers professional assembly at your location! If you need the assembly of a single item, a home office, or multiple offices in a corporate setting - let our experienced and professional Technicians build your furniture for you!
It is our goal to provide you with the following:
  • Premium In-Home / On-Site assembly services at an affordable cost - on your schedule
  • A state of the art scheduling system allowing NAS to be the most efficient in the industry
  • Fully insured Technicians that have undergone a thorough background screening
  • Over 19 years of furniture assembly experience
  • A 30-day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction
NAS works with all the top manufacturers, such as:
  • Ameriwood
  • Bush
  • Sauder
  • StudioRTA
  • Z-Line
  • And MANY MORE!
And - Our Technicians don’t just assemble office furniture! We also assemble:
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining/Kitchen Furniture
  • Home Entertainment Centers
  • Outdoor/Lawn furniture
  • Grills
  • Fitness equipment
Contract Furniture

Whether your needs center around adaptive reuse, educational furniture, exhibition units, healthcare furniture, hotel, office, public space, restaurant, retail, sports or student furniture, our one stop, full service solutions add value to your project. We can save you time and money with our outstanding assembly service solutions.

When making a large investment on any type of furniture, make sure that you have a plan for professional installation of your items. Whether you are looking to bring new life to an old building or starting with empty office space, our dedicated team of professional assemblers can help bring your plans to life.

NAS can help you with assembly and setup of Institutional Furniture, Dorm and Common Area Furniture. When you need a team of professional assemblers to set up a new building or refresh an existing space, NAS can provide the labor and assemblers you need to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

  • Unloading, Placement and Assembly of all new furniture
  • Unloading and Placement of fully assembled furniture
  • Disassembly and Removal of old furniture
Medical Furniture Assembly

The experienced team of assemblers at NAS will take care of all of your healthcare furniture needs. Whether you are opening a new healthcare office, expanding or redecorating an old space, our team of professional assemblers will assist you in assembly and placement of your new items.

We are a valuable option compared to White Glove Delivery, which can be very expensive. NAS will arrive after your delivery to move your items into place and assemble.

Our teams of assemblers specialize in the assembly and placement of many categories, including Welcoming / Waiting Room furniture, Executive / Administrative / Support office furniture, Conference Room Furniture, Training Room furniture and Cafeteria / Dining furniture.

  • Assembly and placement of office and waiting room furniture
  • Assembly of medical carts, hospital and homecare beds
  • Assembly and placement of seating and most filing systems
Cart Corral Assembly

The experienced assembly technicians at NAS have been delighting our retail customers for years with excellent service in the cart corral area. Our teams excel at building new cart corrals, taking down and moving existing corrals.

Whether your needs call for sidewalk cart corrals, covered corrals, architectural corrals, bumper corrals or standard corrals, our team is ready to assist you with all of your needs. We’ll work closely with your planning team to coordinate the best times to work on your property and in your parking lots, to ensure your customer traffic flow is not affected by installation. In most cases, we assemble well before store hours and leave the parking lot before your customers start to flow into your stores.

We’ll take care of ordering the gravel needed to fill barriers of covered and architectural corrals, so you can focus on your planning activities. We also provide photos of the completed corrals, so that our customers are 100% satisfied with our assemblies.

Many times cart corrals are assembled by the teams that work on new/remodel store build outs at retail and the cost to have them work in the parking lot is very high. Our valuable service is priced at non-construction rates, making our assembler cheaper and more customer friendly. Construction companies want to assemble these when their time permits. NAS will assemble your corrals when you want them assembled!

We’ll execute the following:

  • Work with retail store planning to set up schedule dates for assembly of cart corrals
  • Order and deliver gravel needed for installation of covered corrals and architectural corrals
  • Work before or after store hours to ensure customer traffic flow is not disturbed
  • Install all types of new cart corrals
  • Tear down, move and reassemble existing corrals
Repackaging Services

NAS is a leader in the repackaging process of items for retail fulfillment centers and distribution centers. Many times when customers purchase items online, they mistakenly order the wrong item and will send that item back to the retailer. The packaging of that returned item is now ruined and sitting in the retailer’s returns area, awaiting disposition. In many cases, these items are thrown away and money is lost, causing planned profit margins to plummet. When retailers identify these issues, we work with them to provide repackaging solutions that will reverse the profit loss.

Our technicians will inspect the returned product for damages. If the product is not damaged, we will repackage the item and work with the retailer to return the item back to stock. In partnership with the retailer and manufacturer of the product, we all work as a team to develop the best repackaging materials to ensure the good product looks just like it did when it was first manufactured and packaged. We’ve found that 45% of all returned product is actually good product that just needs new packaging! Our professional teams take this out of the hands of retailers and distribution/fulfillment center staff, so they can work on selling and distribution/delivery. This is a very valuable service that is saving retailers and manufactures money on costly returns that are deemed as “damaged”, when it really is good product in bad packaging.

Our full service solution includes:

  • Working with retailers and manufacturers to identify lost profit on returned items
  • Teaming up with manufacturers to develop packaging solutions for their products
  • Time studying the movement of product from old packaging to new packaging
  • Working with the retailer and manufacturer to create videos to train our technicians on how to handle the repackaging process from beginning to end product
  • Providing state of the art reporting to show the value of the service and the detail on what items were repackaged (sku detail and % repackaged)
  • Photos of repackaged product
For additional information, please contact us toll-free at (877) NAS-2862.