To maximize Furniture sales, product displays must provide a strong and positive first impression. This is the most meaningful image customers will have of your Furniture before it is assembled in their homes.
National Assembly Services has over 19 years of experience in the Furniture assembly and service industry. We work with the top Retailers and Vendors to assure a consistently positive customer experience and drive sales.

This is accomplished through expert execution of the following critical functions:
  1. RTA furniture display assembly:
    1. New item assembly for rollouts
    2. Assembly of Missing/Damaged/Shopworn items
  2. Service / Maintenance and repair:
    1. Assurance of functionality
    2. Replacement part ordering/installation
    3. Cleaning/Detailing of displays
    4. Regular safety checks
  3. Product assortment / Floor-plan integrity assurance:
    1. Planogram and visual presentation standard execution
    2. Full active item display presence confirmation
  4. Process Damaged / Defective (D&D) items (per Retailer / Vendor requirements)
  5. Signage / POP assurance:
    1. Inventory/Maintenance
    2. Re-ordering / Placement
  6. Customized Information Collection
    1. Ongoing display presence monitoring / feedback
    2. Product quality issue investigation
    3. In-store customer feedback solicitation
    4. Special issue information collection – as needed
For additional information, please contact us toll-free at (877) NAS-2862.